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Gluten Free Bread


Ok, brace yourselves…I have found the holy grail!

Light, fluffy, delicious gluten free bread!!!

This miracle landed on my plate while I was interstate, having brunch with a friend of mine. I ordered eggs with gluten free bread had already resigned myself to being served the usual dry, cakey, flavourless bread I am use to buying in the supermarket. Here is how it went down:

Me: Ummm I ordered gluten free bead

Waiter: Yes, that’s the gluten free bread

Me: I don’t think so

Waiter: Let me check with the chef

Me: Negligent bastards could have made me so sick!

Waiter: Yes, those are gluten freeĀ  quinoa rolls

Me: Are you sure?

Waiter: Yes, they are from the gluten free bakery two doors down


Waiter: Right over there, (rolls eyes) I have to get back to work

Me: nom nom nomnom nom

Deeks gluten free bakery in Dickson ACT – I will be requesting care packages.