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'Crouching Tiger Hidden Gluten'

'Crouching Tiger Hidden Gluten'

This is a guide to the gluten free foods that I have found good. If you would like to add a product to this page email me: [email protected]


Yackandandah stir fry sauces are entirely gluten free and very tasty, flavors available: Thai Satay, Honey Soy, Cajun etc

Taylors sauces are really easy to find in the supermarket and most of them are gluten free (gluten free written on the back of the bottle). The satay sauce is my favorite, great on chicken!

If you are after soy sauce that is gluten free try tamari sauce available from different brands at the supermarket and health food stores.

Paul Newman makes some gluten free salad dressing, including a great honey mustard dressing. They are not marked as gluten free, so you will need to check out the web site (see links page)

Passage to India  make great curry mixes that are very quick and easy, just add whatever meat or vegetables you want and serve with rice.


Orgran and San Remo offer a big range of pastas including lasagna sheets, fettuccine, spaghetti, spirals and many others

Ready meals:

La Zuppa make a great range of soups that are gluten free, tasty and microwaveable. Very easy to take to work etc.

Trident make some laska style noodle packs that are gluten free, and very easy, just add water.

Basco make some  pasta/sauce packs, macaroni cheese, fettuchini alfredo etc

Tilda rice packets are really good and quick to make. Available in supermarkets in the rice section


There are a few different brands of gluten free cereals available in the health food section of the supermarket. The best that I have found are: Lowan’s rice porridge, Basco’s honey rings and Basco’s Apple and Apricot Muesli. ‘Simple’ also make some decent cereal.


Again, there are a few different types of gluten free bread. Sadly, most of them taste like the kitchen sponge. The only ones I have actually liked are: Dovedale Bread’s Fruit & Rice Chia Bread, and the bread available at ‘Silly Yaks’ cafe in Melbourne (see eating out page). If you can’t find either, your best plan is to find a bakeries and cafes that bake gluten free breads, find one you like and stock up. If you have the patients to bake your own bread, then find ‘easy baker’s’ gluten free bread mix, this stuff is great! Either I have been gluten free for too long, or this does actually taste like regular bread!

* wraps: much like the bread, most wraps are pretty awful. The only ones I like are Diegos white corn wraps available in safeway/woolworths/coles – the trick is to heat them in the microwave for a few seconds so that they wrap nicely.


Unfortunately most lollies, chocolates, biscuits and even ‘potato’ chips contain gluten. Here are some of my gluten free favorites.

Sakata rice crackers (morrocan spice is my favorite flavor)

Vegeta vegetable chips (all flavors are equally delicious)

Woolworths’ brand Freedom Foods offer some really good biscuits. The choc coated flavor are my favorite.

Naturally Good offer lots of good biscuits, d’lush peppermint biscuits are my favorites.

Also there are some mainstream chocolate bars that are gluten free, check out the links page to see if your favorite is gluten free!

Cake Mixes and Flours:

Orgran have some very tasty cake, muffin and pancake mixes.

I like White Wings gluten free flour. I mix it with egg and water to make a great pizza dough.


I like O’Brien’s gluten free beer, but there are a few other brands available if you can find them. There are a few beers that advertise ‘low gluten’ but in my experience they will make you just as sick, so steer clear! Dan Muphy’s or other large liquor stores are the best place to look.

5 thoughts on “Product Guide

  1. Shane

    Try the Black Ruby Bread. It is the best Gluten Free bread I have tasted. You dont have to toast it to make it taste good. They are in Carlton Victoria. They also make rolls and now pizza bases. You cant go wrong with this product.

  2. Jean Noonan

    Muffin Break Castle Hill Towers have a gluten free muffin. It’s very nice. Also the bakery on the lower floor in Castle Hill Towers make Gluten free bread.
    Gluten free bread is very heavy & I have stopped eating it but enjoy the Corn Cakes you can buy in any supermarket & they are only Maize, sunflower oil & Salt if you buy the Coles brand.
    I will read your entries over & over as I am just learning that most things have gluten – EVEN LICORICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Belinda

    Wow, thanks you so much for your info. My 11 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed Ceoliac after years of tummy pains. Finally found a doctor who tested it! School lunches and parties are going to be hardest for me and her. I have been using the Bupa Foodswitch app in supermarkets to help me as some of the labels are so damn small I can’t read them even with glasses. I find that app great. First shop took me 4 hours but I found some great things like the gluten free crumbed chicken pieces, Coles Brand. I’m new to this so a bit scared of things like eating out or cross contamination. I’ll keep reading your site. Thank you. XX

  4. Lisa Pretty

    I’ve tried most off the shelf breads from the supermarket and all but one are terrible.
    The one that I love and eat every day is Abbott’s Bakery, soy and linseed.
    The trick is to keep in the freezer, well sealed. I mostly toast it but it does make for a good sandwich.

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