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Gluten Free Bread


Ok, brace yourselves…I have found the holy grail!

Light, fluffy, delicious gluten free bread!!!

This miracle landed on my plate while I was interstate, having brunch with a friend of mine. I ordered eggs with gluten free bread had already resigned myself to being served the usual dry, cakey, flavourless bread I am use to buying in the supermarket. Here is how it went down:

Me: Ummm I ordered gluten free bead

Waiter: Yes, that’s the gluten free bread

Me: I don’t think so

Waiter: Let me check with the chef

Me: Negligent bastards could have made me so sick!

Waiter: Yes, those are gluten freeĀ  quinoa rolls

Me: Are you sure?

Waiter: Yes, they are from the gluten free bakery two doors down


Waiter: Right over there, (rolls eyes) I have to get back to work

Me: nom nom nomnom nom

Deeks gluten free bakery in Dickson ACT – I will be requesting care packages.

Silly Yaks is changing!

Woe is me…my favorite gluten free haunt has changed hands! My initial reaction was fear, a deep pit formed in my stomach as I pondered the questions: Will they keep it gluten free? Will the food still be good? On my first visit to the new cafe, I noticed many differences, least of which was the new name ‘SACS’…not as witty as the old name, but my spirits were lifted when I noticed the chalk sign at the door ‘This is a gluten free zone’ …phew!

There were more changes to take in upon entering, gone was my favorite red leather couch facing the window. The twang of loss I felt for my favorite people watching spot was quickly replaced by excitement when I noticed the rather fancy looking new breakfast bar. Speaking of breakfast, the new menu included some rather delectable looking breakfast items including my personal favorite: eggs florentine…everyone with me now *Mmmm gluten free hollandaise sauce*

All in all my experience at the new ‘SACS’ surpassed my expectation. I went there expecting the worst and instead was greeted with superior service, new stylish fittings and a more exciting and varied menu. While many things had changed, all the things I fell in love with about the original ‘Silly Yaks’ still remain. It still serves nothing but gluten free food, meaning that you can happily walk into the cafe and order any order anything that takes your fancy minus the questions and contamination anxiety! It still stocks many exciting gluten free products that are not available in the supermarkets. And finally the new ‘SACS’ still serves food so delicious that you can drag along even the fussiest non-gluten free eater.

‘SACS’ 105 High Street Northcote VIC